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SAE J3198_202010  SAE

Estado: Issued / 2020-10-26

Driver Drowsiness and Fatigue in the Safe Operation of Vehicles - Definition of Terms and Concepts


Estado: Revised / 2020-10-26


SAE J348_202010  SAE

Estado: Stabilized / 2020-10-19

Wheel Chocks

SAE J342_202010  SAE

Estado: Stabilized / 2020-10-06

Spark Arrester Test Procedure for Large Size Engines

SAE J1374_202009  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-09-09

Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Seal Endurance Test Procedure

SAE J2384_202008  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-08-26

Air Dryer Test Procedure

SAE J3160_202008  SAE

Estado: Issued / 2020-08-20

Recommended Practice for Improving Measurement Quality of Particle Number Counting Devices

SAE J360_202008  SAE

Estado: Reaffirmed / 2020-08-19

Truck and Bus Grade Parking Performance Test Procedure

SAE J2403_202008  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-08-03

Medium/Heavy-Duty E/E Systems Diagnosis Nomenclature

SAE J2735SET_202007  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-07-23

V2X Communications Message Set Dictionary™ Set

SAE J2735ASN_202007  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-07-23

V2X Communications Message Set Dictionary™ ASN file

SAE J2735_202007  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-07-23

V2X Communications Message Set Dictionary

SAE J2975_202007  SAE

Estado: Stabilized / 2020-07-23

Measurement of Copper and Other Elements in Brake Friction Materials

SAE J331_202007  SAE

Estado: Reaffirmed / 2020-07-17

Sound Levels for Motorcycles

SAE J517_202007  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-07-17

Hydraulic Hose

SAE J2992_202007  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-07-08

FTIR Gas Analyzer Performance Evaluation/Qualification for Automotive Testing

SAE J1939-5_202006  SAE

Estado: Stabilized / 2020-06-30

Marine Stern Drive and Inboard Spark-Ignition Engine On-Board Diagnostics Implementation Guide

SAE J2728-1_202006  SAE

Estado: Issued / 2020-06-09

Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorder (HVEDR) - Data and Triggers

SAE J1939-73_202006  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-06-09

Application Layer - Diagnostics

SAE J381_202006  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-06-05

Windshield Defrosting Systems Test Procedure and Performance Requirements - Trucks, Buses, and Multipurpose Vehicles

SAE J3122_202005  SAE

Estado: Issued / 2020-05-28

Test Target Correlation - Radar Characteristics

SAE J3300/2_202005  SAE

Estado: Issued / 2020-05-26

Trailer Towing Driving Skill Certification

SAE J533_202005  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-05-26

Flares for Tubing

SAE J1814_202005  SAE

Estado: Stabilized / 2020-05-22

Operator Controls - Off-Road Machines

SAE J2773_202005  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-05-15

Standard for Refrigerant Risk Analysis for Mobile Air Conditioning Systems

SAE J2805_202005  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-05-07

Measurement of Noise Emitted by Accelerating Road Vehicles

SAE J3178_202005  SAE

Estado: Issued / 2020-05-05

Adhesives, Sealants, and Heat Transfer Materials in Battery Systems: A Primer on Materials, Applications, and End-Use Performance Requirements

SAE J1939-76_202004  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-04-29

SAE J1939 Functional Safety Communications Protocol

SAE J2891_202004  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-04-29

Auxiliary Power Unit Electrical Interface Requirements for Class Eight Trucks

SAE J151_202004  SAE

Estado: Canceled / 2020-04-28

Pressure Relief for Cooling System

SAE J2315_202004  SAE

Estado: Reaffirmed / 2020-04-17

Wheel Nut Seat Strength

SAE J3197_202004  SAE

Estado: Issued / 2020-04-11

Automated Driving System Data Logger


Estado: Revised / 2020-03-30


SAE J1051_202003  SAE

Estado: Stabilized / 2020-03-30

Force-Deflection Measurements of Cushioned Components of Seats for Off-Road Work Machines

SAE J2744_202003  SAE

Estado: Stabilized / 2020-03-11

Requirements for Built-in Service Port for On-Board Diagnostics

SAE J2883_202003  SAE

Estado: Reaffirmed / 2020-03-04

Laboratory Measurement of Random Incidence Sound Absorption Tests Using a Small Reverberation Room

SAE J1361_202003  SAE

Estado: Reaffirmed / 2020-03-04

Hot Plate Method for Evaluating Heat Resistance and Thermal Insulation Properties of Materials

SAE J2394_202002  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-02-25

Seven Conductor Cable for ABS Power - Truck and Bus

SAE J2691_202002  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-02-25

15 Pole Connector Between Towing Vehicles and Trailers with 12 Volt Nominal Supply

SAE J2174_202002  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-02-25

Heavy-Duty Wiring Systems for Trailers 2032 mm or More in Width

SAE J3173_202002  SAE

Estado: Issued / 2020-02-24

Waste Heat Recovery System Thermal Management

SAE TS95-10  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-02-19

TS95-10 SAE ITC Guidance for Selection of Metallic Material Specifications & Standards Used for New Designs

SAE J2998_202002  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-02-17

Model Description Documentation Recommended Practice for Ground Vehicle System and Subsystem Simulation

SAE J3010_202002  SAE

Estado: Reaffirmed / 2020-02-13

Registration and Conformity Assessment Process for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks Wheels

SAE J2807_202002  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-02-13

Performance Requirements for Determining Tow-Vehicle Gross Combination Weight Rating and Trailer Weight Rating

SAE J1849_202002  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-02-10

Emergency Vehicle Sirens

SAE J3101_202002  SAE

Estado: Issued / 2020-02-10

Hardware Protected Security for Ground Vehicles

SAE J531_202002  SAE

Estado: Revised / 2020-02-03

Automotive Pipe, Filler, and Drain Plugs

SAE J3105/1_202001  SAE

Estado: Issued / 2020-01-20

Electric Vehicle Power Transfer System Using Conductive Automated Connection Devices Infrastructure-Mounted Pantograph (Cross-Rail) Connection

SAE J551/1_202001  SAE

Estado: Stabilized / 2020-01-10

Performance Levels and Methods of Measurement of Electromagnetic Compatibility of Vehicles, Boats (up to 15 m), and Machines (16.6 Hz to 18 GHz)

Número de resultados: 15159

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