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SAE J905_198701

SAE J905_198701

Fuel Filter Test Methods

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Fecha publicación:
1987-07-01 /Revised
The purpose of this fuel filter test method is to provide standardized methods for evaluating the performance characteristics of fuel filters by bench test methods. This, combined with data obtained from application tests, may be used to establish standards of performance for filters when tested by these standard methods. Many variations in requirements of filtration to protect fuel supply equipment on engines and variations in operating conditions make it difficult to specify meaningful 'in-service' performance standards by which a filter may be judged. By the use of these standard test methods, test conditions are always the same, and comparisons of the performance of filters may be made with a high degree of confidence. Once the requirements of a particular application are known, performance standards for suitable filters may be established by these test methods, and adequacy of performance of filters for the job may be determined. In order to achieve the highest degree of reliability of test results, the procedures and equipment must conform with those specified in this code. No minimum performance requirements for filters have been specified, since these are the responsibility of the user and manufacturer. Only the methods of determining, interpreting and reporting performance characteristics are the proper province of this document
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