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SAE J858A_196908

SAE J858A_196908

Electrical Terminals Blade Type

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Fecha publicación:
1969-08-01 /Revised
Blade terminals listed in this SAE Recommended practice may be used for terminating wire ends, or for terminating circuits on devices other than wire. When blade terminals are used for terminating wire, the temper of the terminals shall be sufficiently soft to permit the terminals being assembled to the wire and not show any fracture or cracks whichwould i mpair the strength of the assembly. Terminals may be applied to wire by crimping, welcing, swaging, soldering, or any combination at conductor grip. Insultation grips must be used on all terminals, or some external means of relieving straing shall be provided. When assembled to wire, the terminals shall fit, and securely grip, the conductor and when applicable, the insulation, When blade terminals are used to terminate circuits on devices, they shall be of a temper that will permit the terminating section to be formed and attached to the device without fracturing or cracking. The temper should be high enough to resist displacement of the terminal and consequent misalignment to the mating connector.
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