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SAE J563_200902

SAE J563_200902

Standard for 12 Volt Cigarette Lighters, Power Outlets, and Accessory Plugs

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Fecha publicación:
2009-02-05 /Revised
This standard is intended to cover cigar or cigarette lighters as well as power outlets based on the form and dimensions of the cigar lighter, and accessory plugs for use in these devices. Components covered herein are designed to work in nominal 12 VDC systems. This standard is a full performance specification. It includes dimensional and operational parameters as well as performance characteristics which must be met when submitting a cigar lighter assembly, power outlet assembly, or plug for production approval. This standard constitutes an acceptance specification for these devices. This standard covers the operational, reliability, durability, acceptance, and testing requirements for a cigar lighter (also referred to as just “lighter”) for installation in the passenger compartment of production vehicles. This standard covers power outlets that are based on the form and dimensions of the lighter receptacle intended for installation in the passenger compartment of production vehicles. This standard also covers plugs designed for insertion into the power outlet. Associated components supplied as part of, or with the lighter or outlet are also covered. Additional requirements may be added for these devices when mounted outside the passenger compartment of production vehicles. Testing shall be done on part families (i.e. lighter receptacles and related knob-elements), as opposed to separate piece-parts, as directed by the appropriate purchasing agreement. Lighter knob-elements and lighter receptacles are not intended to be interchangeable when manufactured by different suppliers.
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