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SAE J551/1_200610

SAE J551/1_200610

Performance Levels and Methods of Measurement of Electromagnetic Compatibility of Vehicles, Boats (up to 15 m), and Machines (16.6 Hz to 18 GHz)

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2006-10-06 /Revised
This SAE Standard covers the measurement of radio frequency radiated emissions and immunity. Each part details the requirements for a specific type of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test and the applicable frequency range of the test method. The methods are applicable to a vehicle or device powered by an internal combustion engine or electric motor. Operation of all engines (main and auxiliary) of a vehicle or device is included. All equipment normally operating when the engine is running is included. Operator controlled equipment is included or excluded as specified in the individual document parts. The recommended levels apply only to complete vehicles in their final manufactured form. Vehicle-mounted rectifiers used for charging in electric vehicles are included in Part 2 of this series of documents when operated in their charging mode. Emissions from intentional radiators are not controlled by this document. (See applicable, appropriate regulatory documents.) The immunity of commercial mains powered equipment to overvoltages and line transients is not covered by this document.
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