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SAE J518_199306

SAE J518_199306

Hydraulic Flanged Tube, Pipe, and Hose Connections, Four-Bolt Split Flange Type

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Fecha publicación:
1993-06-01 /Revised
This SAE standard covers complete general and dimensional specifications for the flanged heads and split flange clamp halves applicable to 4-bolt split flange type tube, pipe, and hose connections with appropriate references to the O-ring seals and attaching components used in their assembly. Also included are recommended port dimensions and port design considerations. The flanged heads specified are incorporated into fittings having suitable means for attachment to tubes, pipes, or hoses to provide connection ends. These connections are intended for application in hydraulic systems, on industrial and commercial products, where it is desired to avoid the use of threaded connections. THE RATED WORKING PRESSURE OF A HOSE ASSEMBLY COMPRISING SAE J518 HOSE CONNECTIONS AND SAE J517 HOSE SHALL NOT EXCEED THE LOWER OF THE TWO WORKING PRESSURE RATED VALUES. Flanged heads shall be as specified in Figure 3 and Table 1. Split flange clamp halves shall be as specified in Figure 4 and Table 1. Port dimensions and spacing shall be as specified in Figure 5 and Table 2. O-ring seals, having nominal dimensions as indicated in Table 1, are used in conjunction with these connections. They shall conform to the seals specified in SAE J120, Table on Dimensions and Tolerances. Bolts for use with these connections shall be of the sizes and lengths indicated in Table 1. They shall be of SAE Grade 5 material or better as specified in SAE J429. Socket head cap screws of SAE Grade 5 material or better are acceptable. Lock washers, if used, shall be in accordance with the light spring lock washers specified in SAE J489. Dimensions of Light, medium, Heavy, Extra Heavy, and Hi collar spring Lock Washers, and or sizes applicable to the corresponding bolts.
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