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SAE J2808_200708

SAE J2808_200708

Road/Lane Departure Warning Systems: Information for the Human Interface

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Fecha publicación:
2007-08-16 /Issued
The Road/Lane Departure Warning System is a crash-avoidance technology which warns drivers if they are drifting (or have drifted) out of their lane or from the road. This warning system is designed to help prevent the possibility of a run-off-road crash. This system will not take control of the vehicle; it will only let the driver know that he/she needs to steer back into the lane. This warning system is not designed as a lane-change monitor, which addresses intentional lane changes, or a merging system which warns of other vehicles. This informational report applies to OEM and after-market Road/Lane Departure warning systems for light-duty vehicles on relatively straight roads with a radius of curvature of 500 m or more, and under good weather conditions. Future revisions should consider the implications of newer variations on the user experience.
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