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SAE J2792_200811

SAE J2792_200811

Test Methodology for Evaluating the Chemical Compatibility of Wheel Finishes with Various Chemicals

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2008-11-21 /Issued
This document proposes methods for the testing and evaluation of aluminum wheel and wheel trim surface finishes for compatibility with various types of tire, wheel and car wash cleaning materials, and other chemicals that might come into contact with these automotive components. It is recognized that each end user of this methodology might seek answers to questions that are unique to his business or situation. Therefore, the procedure is written in a generic sequence that could be strictly followed, repeated, or modified in order to provide the user with the best results. Example decision tree are provided to help the user select a sequence of exposure steps that would best suit his needs, (reference Figures 1 , 2 ). This procedure should not be utilized if the intent is to evaluate the compatibility of wheel finishes to any flammable products, because those chemistries would require special laboratory safety and handling precautions.
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