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SAE J1947_200010

SAE J1947_200010

O.D. Coatings for Radial Lip-Type Shaft Seals

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Fecha publicación:
2000-10-09 /Reaffirmed
This SAE Information Report covers thin coatings of resinous based materials that can be placed on the metallic outer diameter of radial lip-type shaft seals to provide sealing when the mating bore finish is too rough to insure a proper seal (typically when finish exceeds 2.54 µ r a , or in pressurized applications). The coatings will have the following characteristics: a.) material shall dry to a tough, flexible, and non-tacky film; b.) thickness typically ranges from 0.005 to 0.076 mm; c.) It shall not crack, flake or powder when scraped; d.) Coating shall adhere to seal case as noted in text; and e.) The sealer shall not show any evidence of peeling, blistering, softening or dissolution when tested in media to be sealed.
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