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SAE J1859_200309

SAE J1859_200309

Test Procedures for Determining Air Brake Valve Input-Output Characteristics

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Fecha publicación:
2003-09-24 /Revised
This SAE Recommended Practice establishes uniform test procedures for determining input-output characteristics for those pilot-operated and mechanically actuated, modulating-type valves and through-type valves used in the service brake control system. Input-Output Characteristics Crack (opening) pressure or force Pressure differential (input-output) Hysteresis (increasing-decreasing pressure) Pilot-Operated Modulating-Type Valves Relay Valve Ratio relay valve Decaying ratio relay valve Booster relay valve Relay Valve with two-way check valve Relay Emergency Mechanically Actuated Modulating-Type Valves Dual service brake valve Through-Type Valves Quick release valve Tractor protection valve Limiting valve Gladhand with quick release valve Modulator Valve (ABS) Tractor protection valve with two-way check valve(s) Purpose This document is intended as a guide toward standard practice but may be subject to frequent change to keep pace with experience and technical advances, and this should be kept in mind when considering its use. This document provides a uniform definition of input-output characteristics of pneumatic valves designed to operate in 862 kPa (125 psi) nominal pressure air brake systems and establishes uniform test procedures to determine these characteristics. This document serves as a supplement to SAE J1409.
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