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SAE J1747_199412

SAE J1747_199412

Recommended Methods for Conducting Corrosion Tests in Gasoline/Methanol Fuel Mixtures

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1994-12-01 /Issued
This SAE Information Report is intended to convey the test methods developed for use in testing with methanol and gasoline blends. Corrosion testing of metals has a long and varied history. In spite of the problems inherent in extrapolating results of accelerated tests on standard specimens to actual field durability, engineers have been able, to a large extent, to rely on these results in making materials selection decisions. However, these tests have generally employed aqueous media and are not strictly applicable to the use of organic chemical media. With methanol-gasoline fuel blends and their high electrical conductivity relative to gasoline, the relevance of the historical database is lost. Therefore, to allow rapid build-up of a new database, several corrosion test procedures have been reviewed and amended where appropriate.
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