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SAE J1684_200509

SAE J1684_200509

Test Method for Evaluating the Electrochemical Resistance of Coolant System Hoses and Materials

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2005-09-12 /Reaffirmed
This test method provides a standardized procedure for evaluating the electrochemical resistance of automotive coolant hose and materials. Electrochemical degradation has been determined to be a major cause of EPDM coolant system hose failures. The test method consists of a procedure which induces voltage to a test specimen while it is exposed to a water/coolant solution. Method #1, referred to as a “Brabolyzer” test, is a whole hose test. Method #2, referred to as a “U” tube test, uses cured plate samples or plates prepared from tube material removed from hose (Method No. 2 is intended as a screening test only). Any test parameters other than those specified in this SAE Recommended Practice, are to be agreed to by the tester and the requester.
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