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SAE J1573_200302

SAE J1573_200302

OEM Plastic Parts Repair

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Fecha publicación:
2003-02-25 /Revised
This SAE Recommended Practice defines the information required to repair the various types of plastics found on modern light-duty highway vehicles. Information is included for the repair and refinishing of most flexible, semi-flexible, and rigid plastic body parts, both interior and exterior. Repair information is described for all commonly used plastics including polyurethanes, polycarbonate blends, modified polypropylenes, polyethylenes, nylons, sheet-molded compounds (SMC), and fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP). Repairs can be made to these types of plastics using two-part (2K) repair adhesives, plastic welding, and other materials available from body shop suppliers. When a new type of plastic is being introduced to the market through a new vehicle program, specific repair and refinishing procedures should be provided, following the format in this document. Purpose The use of plastics in cars has increased to over 12% by weight, with several types being used for structural and mechanical applications. Interior and exterior plastic body parts have become an integral part of the automotive design, reducing overall weight to aid in increasing fuel efficiency. The use of plastic compounds for these parts has expanded to include polyurethanes, polycarbonate blends, modified polypropylenes, polyethylenes, nylons, sheet-molding compound (SMC), and fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP). This document is intended to guide vehicle manufacturers, material suppliers, and equipment suppliers in providing timely repair information to repairers and insurers. Providing this information prior to vehicle introduction is necessary to allow damaged vehicles to be restored to their pre-accident condition.
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