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SAE J1460/2_199801

SAE J1460/2_199801

Human Mechanical Impact Response Characteristics-Responses of the Human Neck to Inertial Loading By the Head for Automotive Seated Postures

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Fecha publicación:
1998-01-01 /Revised
This series of reports provides response characteristics of the head, face, neck, shoulder, thorax, lumbar spine, abdomen, pelvis, and lower extremities. In each report, the decriptions of human impact respnse are based on data judged by the subcommittee to provide the most appropriate information for the development of human surrogates. This is one of a series of reports which define human mechanical impact response characteristics for specific body regions. These reports update SAE J1460 which is intended for use by anthropomorphic test dummy designers and analytical modelers who need qualitative definitions of human mechnical impact behavior.These reports do not discuss criteria for assessing human impact injury potential, which are the subject of SAE J885. Each document in the series covers material specific to a body region and will be independently updated when new response data become available. The goal of this report is to characterize the response of human neck due to head inertial loading when the occupant is sitting in an automotive posture.
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