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SAE J1065_199507

SAE J1065_199507

Nominal Reference Working Pressures for Steel Hydraulic Tubing

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Fecha publicación:
1995-07-01 /Revised
This SAE Information report is intended to provide design guidance in the selection of steel tubing and related tube fittings for general hydraulic system applications. The information presented herein is based on tubing products which conform to SAE J524, SAE J525, and SAE J356, and is subject to due consideration being given to the following limitations: Since many factors influence the pressure at which a hydraulic system will or will not perform satisfactorily, this report should not be used as a "standard" nor "specification," and the values shown herein should not be construed as "guaranteed" minimum. Within the fluid power industry, many criteria are used for determining the pressure capability of tubing. Consideration is given to specified minimum yield or fiber stress factors, to calculated yield or bust pressures, and to yield or burst pressures determined by actual test. Also, varying design factors are applied, commensurate with the total system conditions. Thus, it is impractical to set down specific allowable working pressures that will satisfy all design criteria. It is considered desirable, however, to provide guidelines on the subject such as are published in this report. Factors such as the thinning of tube walls due to forming operations, shock loads, and vibration characteristics of the system must also be considered.
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