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Minimum Operational Performance Specification for Ground Ice Detection Systems

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2003-06-24 /Revised
This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS)/Minimum Operational Performance Specification (MOPS) specifies the minimum performance requirements of Ground Ice Detection Systems (GIDS). These systems may be mounted onboard the airplane, or be ground-based. They may provide information for indication and/or control. Chapter 1 provides information required to understand the need for the GIDS characteristics and tests defined in the remaining chapters. It describes typical GIDS applications and operational objectives and is the basis for the performance criteria stated in Chapter 3 through Chapter 5 . Definitions essential to the proper understanding of this document are provided in Chapter 1 . Chapter 3 contains general design requirements for an ice detection system used during ground operations. Chapter 4 contains the Minimum Operational Performance Requirements for the GIDS, defining performance under icing conditions likely to be encountered during ground operations. Chapter 5 describes environmental test conditions providing laboratory means of testing the overall performance characteristics of the GIDS under conditions which may be encountered in actual operations. Chapter 6 describes recommended test procedures for demonstrating compliance with Chapters 3 and 4 . Chapter 7 contains the Minimum Operational Performance Requirements for installed GIDS. Ground and flight tests are included when performance cannot be adequately determined through testing under standard test conditions.
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