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Performance Requirements for Wire, Electric, Insulated Copper or Copper Alloy

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1998-09-01 /Revised
This document covers the requirements for insulated, single-conductor, electric wires with tin-coated, silver-coated, or nickel-coated conductors of copper or copper alloy as specified in the applicable performance sheet (see Appendix A for sample). It provides general performance requirements, ratings, and information for various characteristics of insulated wire systems used in aerospace applications. Numerical test requirements, or parameters, were originally developed using either english or metric units. The original, primary, units are shown first with the secondary (converted) units in parentheses. Secondary units are listed for not information only and are not to be considered requirements. Wire will be assigned a level of performance for many requirements set forth in this standard. These performance levels, in addition to numerical test results, shall be listed in the applicable performance sheet. These test methods contain some new tests that have not been rigorously confirmed as reproducible. Such new methods are identified under the Precision and Bias Statements in the individual Test Methods. Many requirements have multiple levels of performance. The wire with base level of performance is acceptable for general use; however, there may be special applications that will require wire with higher performance levels.
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