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Bolts, Screws and Nuts - External Wrenching UNJ Thread, Inch - Design Standard

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1979-10-01 /Revised
The scope of this standard is to define the following dimensional requirements for double hexagon, hexagon head and tee headed bolts, and nuts having a minimum tensile strength ranging up to 220 ksi, unless otherwise specified. a. Head dimensions (see 3.1) b. Shank dimensions (see 3.2) c. Geometric control (see 3.3) d. Surface texture (see 3.4) e. Dimensions for nuts (see Section 4) For design calculations the AS8879 coarse threads, UNJC, shall be used for 0.1640 thread sizes and smaller, and for larger thread sizes use fine threads, UNJF. For particulars of thread runout and lead threads for bolts, see AS3062. NOTE: The ability of a design to achieve a given strength class will ultimately depend on the selected material and the associated processing.
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