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Methods and Processes for Evaluation of Aerodynamic Effects of SAE-Qualified Aircraft Ground Deicing/Anti-icing Fluids

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2016-04-20 /Revised
This document describes methods that are known to have been used by aircraft manufacturers to evaluate aircraft aerodynamic performance and handling effects following application of aircraft ground deicing/anti-icing fluids (“fluids”), as well as methods under development. Guidance and insight based upon those experiences are provided, including: Similarity Analyses Icing Wind Tunnel Tests Flight Tests Computational Fluid Dynamics and other Numerical Analyses This document also describes: The history of evaluation of the aerodynamic effects of fluids The effects of fluids on aircraft aerodynamics The testing for aerodynamic acceptability of fluids for SAE and regulatory qualification performed in accordance with AS5900 Additionally, Appendices A to E present individual aircraft manufacturers’ histories and methodologies which substantially contributed to the improvement of knowledge and processes for the evaluation of fluid aerodynamic effects. NOTE: This document is applicable for fluids that are “qualified” to (i.e., have passed) the tests and other standards prescribed in AMS1424 or AMS1428 and are properly used in accordance with ARP4737. NOTE: There are topics of potential interest not discussed in this document, such as re-hydrated gel residues - (see 2.2 ). CAUTION: The results and conclusions of the various test programs described herein should not be assumed to be universally applicable.
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