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Aerospace Landing Gear Systems Terminology

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2017-05-09 /Reaffirmed
This report has been compiled by the Landing Gear Systems Terminology Panel of SAE Committee A-5 (Aerospace Landing Gear Systems). It represents an effort to gather together those terms commonly used within the discipline. Some terms are of course common to other disciplines as well. Others, however, are unique in form and/or meaning to the landing gear discipline. The need has been noted to set these terms down and provide a standard definition in order that communication within the discipline may be conducted with a common understanding. Full use has been made of available published information, and a list of references is provided. See also References (a) to (e). Terms listed are usually applicable to a general functional area of landing gear disciplines. These general functional areas include; landing impact, directional ground control, velocity control (acceleration, retardation, and arrestment), structural support, ground flotation, and ground maintenance. In the listing of terms and definitions, each term is followed by a code in parenthesis which indicates which basic functional area or major component to which the term is most applicable. Codes indicating basic functional area or major component are as follows: a Landing Gear Systems 1 Landing Gear (General) (L/G) 2 Tire (Tire) 3 Wheel (Whl) 4 Brake (Brk) 5 Nose Wheel Steering (NWS) 6 Shock Absorber (S/A) 7 Brake Control (B/C) b Related Systems 1 Air Vehicle/Aircraft (A/V) 2 Arresting Gear (A/G) 3 Operating Base & Equipment (Base) 4 Catapult (Cat)
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