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IEEE 258-1965

IEEE Test Procedure for Close-Talking Pressure-Type Microphones

New IEEE Standard - Active.
A close-talking pressure-type microphone is anacoustic transducer which is intended for use in closeproximity to the lips of the talker and is eitherhand-held or boom-mounted. Various types of microphonesare currently used for close-talking applications.These include carbon, dynamic, magnetic,piezoelectric, electrostrictive and condenser types.Each of these microphones has only one side of itsdiaphragm exposed to sound waves, and its electricoutput substantially corresponds to the instantaneoussound pressure of the impressed sound wave.Since a close-talking microphone is used in thenear sound field produced by a person's mouth, it isnecessary when measuring the performance of suchmicrophones to utilize a sound source which approximatesthe characteristics of the human sound generator.



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