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IEEE 54-1955

IEEE Standard, Test Code, and Recommended Practice for Induction and Dielectric Heating Equipment

New IEEE Standard - Active.
High-frequency heating equipments divide into twomain types: (1) those used for dielectric heating, and(2) those used for induction heating. The induction heatingequipments again divide into seven types: (1) commercialpower line; (2) rotary generator; (3) mercuryarcconverter; (4) gaseous-tube converter; (5) mercuryhydrogenspark-gap converter; (6) quenched spark-gapconverter; (7) vacuum-tube generator.Dielectric heating equipments in general use a vacuumtube oscillator as a source of radio-frequency powerranging in frequency from 2 megacycles to hundreds ofmegacycles. At frequencies above about 200 megacycles,the power is generated by devices other than a conventionalvacuum tube, such as a magnetron, Klystron or othermicrowave device. A dielectric heating generator is normallya high-voltage generator, and application requireshigh-voltage radio-frequency matching techniques. Aninduction heating generator is essentially a high-currentdevice operating into very low impedance circuits andsometimes requires transformation in the load circuit toprovide the desired heating effect.



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