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IEC TS 62370:2004+AMD1:2017 CSV

IEC TS 62370:2004+AMD1:2017 CSV

Electroacoustics - Instruments for the measurement of sound intensity - Electromagnetic and electrostatic compatibility requirements and test procedures

2017-03-08 /Vigente
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IEC TS 62370:2004+A1:2017 specifies requirements for instruments that measure sound intensity using pairs of pressure sensing microphones with respect to their immunity to power- and radio-frequency fields and to electrostatic discharge, and the permitted radio-frequency emissions, together with test procedures to verify conformance. Sound intensity measuring instruments are available in many different configurations and may be powered by batteries or from external power supply systems. The technical requirements in this Technical Specification apply to all configurations of instruments for the measurement of sound intensity. The electromagnetic and electrostatic compatibility requirements are equally applicable for sound intensity measuring instruments used in residential, commercial and light-industrial environments, or industrial sites. The requirements of this Technical Specification are additional to those contained in IEC 61043 and do not alter any of the specifications contained therein. The requirements do not apply retrospectively to sound intensity measuring instruments complying with IEC 61043 prior to the publication of this Technical Specification. This consolidated version consists of the first edition (2004) and its amendment 1 (2017). Therefore, no need to order amendment in addition to this publication.
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