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Normas IEC internacionales electrotécnicas - AENOR
ISO/IEC 20933:2016

ISO/IEC 20933:2016

Information technology - Distributed Application Platforms and Services (DAPS) - Access Systems

2016-05-18 /Anulada
Resumen (inglés):
ISO/IEC 20933:2016 specifies:

1) an ID triggered modular access system, the functions of the modules and the messages they exchange, and the sequence of messages, i.e. transitions of the transaction;
2) the system responsibility from receiving an access request until sending the result. i.e. a complete transaction;
3) the responsibilities of the modules, including time stamping and responding to the requests they received; and
4) the sequence and semantics of the messages and their elements.

The electronic version of this International Standard can be downloaded from the ISO/IEC Information Technology Task Force (ITTF) website.
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