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DIN ISO 22036:2007-04

DIN ISO 22036:2007-04

Soil quality - Determination of trace elements in extracts of soil by inductively coupled plasma - atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) (ISO/DIS 22036:2006)

Qualité du sol - Dosage des éléments-traces dans des extraits de sol par spectrométrie d'émission atomique avec plasma à couplage inductif (ISO/DIS 22036:2006)

Bodenbeschaffenheit - Bestimmung von Spurenelementen in Bodenextrakten mittels Atomemissionsspektrometrie mit induktiv gekoppeltem Plasma (ICP-AES) (ISO/DIS 22036:2006)

Fecha Anulación:
2019-06 /Withdrawn
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ISO/DIS 22036 (2006-11)

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Reemplazada por: DIN ISO 22036:2009-06

Inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) may be used to determine trace elements in solution. The solution is dispersed by a suitable nebuliser and the resulting aerosol is transported into the plasma torch. In a radio-frequency inductively coupled plasma the solvent is evaporated, the dried salts are then, vaporised, dissociated, atomised and ionised. The atoms or ions are excited thermally and the number of photons emitted during transition to a lower energy level are measured with optical emission spectrometry. The spectra are dispersed by a grating spectrometer, and the intensities of the emission lines are monitored by photosensitive devices. The identification of the element takes place by means of the wavelength of the radiation (energy of photons), while the concentration of the element is proportional to the intensity of the radiation (number of photons). The ICP-AES method can be used to perform multi-element determinations using sequential or simultaneous optical systems and axial or radial viewing of the plasma. Table 1 shows examples for recommended wavelengths, and detection limits for one instrument. Using other instruments may lead to different detection limits. Adoption of other wavelengths is possible.
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