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DIN EN ISO 9241-302:2006-03

DIN EN ISO 9241-302:2006-03

Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 302: Terminology for electronic visual displays (ISO/DIS 9241-302:2006); German version prEN ISO 9241-302:2006

Ergonomie de l'interaction homme-système - Partie 302: Terminologie relative aux écrans visuels électroniques (ISO/DIS 9241-302:2006); Version allemande prEN ISO 9241-302:2006

Ergonomie der Mensch-System-Interaktion - Teil 302: Terminologie für elektronische optische Anzeigen (ISO/DIS 9241-302:2006); Deutsche Fassung prEN ISO 9241-302:2006

Fecha Anulación:
2019-06 /Withdrawn
Equivalencias internacionales:

ISO/DIS 9241-302 (2006-01)

prEN ISO 9241-302 (2006-01)

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Reemplazada por: DIN EN ISO 9241-302:2009-06

This part includes explanations of terms and definitions used in all parts of the standard. The standard replaces ISO 9241-3, ISO 9241-7, ISO 9241-8, ISO 13406-1 and ISO 13406-2. ISO 9241 was written with Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) in mind and ISO 13406 with Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) displays in mind and the standards were restricted to office tasks and office-like environments. This new standard is extended to cover a large range of technologies, tasks and environments. The structure is made in a modular way so as to make it possible to make amendments to the standard as new technology development enables new forms of display interaction. The areas that were covered already in the standards ISO 9241 and ISO 13406 are essentially unchanged, but test methods and requirements have been updated to account for advancement in technology and science.
Angles of slope, Colour, Colour differences, Computer applications, Computers, Conformity, Contrast (optical), Definitions, Density, Design, Display, Display devices, Display devices (computers), Display units, Electronic equipment and components, Environment (working), Ergonomics, Field of view, Flicker, Guiding principle, Image quality, Indicating devices, Indications, Information, Information technology, Ink temperature, Installations, Light, Luminaires, Luminance, Man-machine, Mathematical calculations, Measurement, Measurement conditions, Measuring points, Measuring techniques, Measuring uncertainty, Metrology, Office computers, Office equipment, Office machines, Office services, Office work, Offices (interior spaces), Operating stations, Optical, Organization of operations, Presentation of colour, Reflection, Reflective, Screens, Specification (approval), Structural systems, Symbols, Television receivers, Telltales, Terminals, Terminology, Testing, Visibility, Visual, Visual display units, Visual display work stations, Visual distance, Vocabulary, Work place layout, Working places, Works
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