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DIN EN 12014-3:2005-08

DIN EN 12014-3:2005-08

Foodstuffs - Determination of nitrate and/or nitrite content - Part 3: Spectrometric determination of nitrate and nitrite content of meat products after enzymatic reduction of nitrate to nitrite; German version EN 12014-3:2005

Produits alimentaires - Détermination de la teneur en nitrates et/ou en nitrites - Partie 3: Détermination spectrométrique de la teneur en nitrates et en nitrites des produits carnés après réduction enzymatique des nitrates en nitrites; Version allemande EN 12014-3:2005

Lebensmittel - Bestimmung des Nitrat- und/oder Nitritgehaltes - Teil 3: Spektralphotometrische Bestimmung des Nitrat- und Nitritgehaltes in Fleischerzeugnissen nach enzymatischer Reduktion von Nitrat zu Nitrit; Deutsche Fassung EN 12014-3:2005

2015-08 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

BVL L 07.00-60 (2007-04)

EN 12014-3 (2005-05)

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This European Standard specifies a spectrometric method for the determination of nitrate and nitrite content of meat products and has been validated for different meat products with a content of 9 mg/kg to 22 mg/kg nitrite calculated as sodium nitrite and 23 mg/kg to 48 mg/kg nitrate calculated as sodium nitrate. Experiences have shown that the method is also applicable for total nitrite and nitrate content from 5 mg/kg up to 125 mg/kg calculated as sodium nitrite. Nitrite in an aqueous extract of the test sample is treated with sulfanilamide and N-(1-naphthyl)- ethylenediamine dihydrochloride. The formed red compound is measured spectrometrically at a wavelength of 540 nm. Nitrate in an aqueous extract of the analytical sample is converted into nitrite by nitrate reductase. This converted nitrite together with the nitrite which is already in the analytical sample reacts with sulfanilamide and N-(1-naphthyl)ethylenendiamine dihydrocloride. The colour intensity of this resulting red compound is measured in a spectrometer at 540 nm. The nitrate content is calculated from the difference between the spectrometric measurements.
Agricultural products, Chemical analysis and testing, Determination, Determination of content, Enzymatic methods, Food inspection, Food products, Interpretations, Meat, Meat products, Methods, Nitrate contents, Nitrates, Nitrite content, Nitrites, Reduction, Spectrochemical analysis, Spectrometry, Spectrophotometry
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