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DIN EN 12094-7:2005-04

DIN EN 12094-7:2005-04

Fixed firefighting systems - Components for gas extinguishing systems - Part 7: Requirements and test methods for nozzles for CO<(Index)2> systems; German version EN 12094-7:2000 + A1:2005 / Note: To be replaced by DIN EN 12094-7 (2006-02).

Installations fixes de lutte contre l'incendie - Éléments constitutifs des installations d'extinction à gaz - Partie 7: Exigences et méthodes d'essai pour les diffuseurs de systèmes à CO<(Index)2>; Version allemande EN 12094-7:2000 + A1:2005 / Attention: À remplacer par DIN EN 12094-7 (2006-02).

Ortsfeste Brandbekämpfungsanlagen - Bauteile für Löschanlagen mit gasförmigen Löschmitteln - Teil 7: Anforderungen und Prüfverfahren für Düsen für CO<(Index)2>-Anlagen; Deutsche Fassung EN 12094-7:2000 + A1:2005 / Achtung: Vorgesehener Ersatz durch DIN EN 12094-7 (2006-02).

2015-04 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN 12094-7 (2000-12)

EN 12094-7/A1 (2005-01)

Relación con otras normas DIN:
This document specifies requirements and test methods for room protection nozzles which introduce the extinguishing agent into a CO2 protected zone. The design of the nozzles will influence discharge rate and thus the pressure drop in the piping network. The extinguishing agent normally arrives at the nozzle in two-phase flow form (liquid-gaseous mixture). It expands into the protected volume to form a gas or a gas-and-dry-ice mixture depending on the nozzle type. This standard is not applicable to local application nozzles.
Carbon dioxide, CE marking, Certification (approval), Conformity, Corrosion, Definitions, Design, Fire extinguishers, Fire extinguishers (built-in), Firefighting, Firefighting equipment, Gaseous, Marking, Nozzles, Production control, Protective caps, Resistance, Specification (approval), Tension crack corrosion, Testing, Vibration
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