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DIN 1054:1969-11

DIN 1054:1969-11

Subsoil - Permissible Loading of Subsoil

Sol à bâtir; charge du sol admissible

Baugrund - Zulässige Belastung des Baugrunds

Fecha Anulación:
1976-11 /Withdrawn
Relación con otras normas DIN:

Reemplazada por: DIN 1054:1976-11

Reemplaza a: DIN 1054:1953-06

Anchor boxes, Anchorages, Area, Base failure, Bearing piles, Blank forms, Bored piles, Bottom, Breaking load, Buckling length, Buoyancy, Centre distances, Character of soil, Clay, Coarse-grained, Coefficient of consistency, Cohesion, Cohesionless, Cohesive, Compacted, Compactness, Components, Composition of the ground, Compressive stress, Construction, Construction works, Cores, Cutting forces, Definitions, Depth, Detached, Diggings, Dimensions, Distances, Driven piles, Dumps, Dynamic, Eccentricity, Fall (roof), Fine-grain material, Fine-grained, Fineness, Floating, Floating sand, Forms (paper), Foundation engineering, Foundation joints, Foundations, Friction, Frost-protected, Grain size, Gravel, Ground pressure, Ground water, Hard, Impact factor, Investigations, Joints, Land register, Land waves, Limit loads, Live loading, Load alternation, Load capacity, Load cases, Load measurement, Loading, Mantle rock, Mathematical calculations, Methods of calculation, Mouldability, Non-uniformity coefficient, Organic, Oscillation coefficient, Particle size distribution, Passive earth pressure, Patterns, Peat, Perimeter, Periodically, Pile foot, Pile foundations, Piles, Plastic properties (fluids), Plasticity index (soils), Position, Pressure gauges, Pressure measurement (fluids), Pressure of earth, Proctor density, Pulpy, Ranges of pressure, Rocks, Safety, Safety against buckling, Sand, Sapropel, Self weight, Settlement (foundations), Settlements, Shear failures, Shear force, Site investigations, Skin friction, Slide stability, Slip, Slope failure, Soft, Soil condition, Soil mechanics, Sole contact pressure, Solid rocks, Solidium, Soundings, Spaced, Speed of load applications, Stability, Stability against tilting, Standing, Status, Stone, Strain, Stress, Strip foundations, Subfaces, Subsoil, Surface layers, Tensile testing, Tension piles, Test loading, Testing, Tilt, Training, Types, Water pressure, Water table, Wells, Winds, Wood posts
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