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DIN EN 740/A1:2004-04

DIN EN 740/A1:2004-04

Anaesthetic workstations and their modules - Particular requirements; German version EN 740:1998/A1:2004

Systèmes d'anesthésie et leurs modules - Règles particulières; Version allemande EN 740:1998/A1:2004

Anästhesie-Arbeitsplätze und ihre Module - Besondere Festlegungen; Deutsche Fassung EN 740:1998/A1:2004

Fecha Anulación:
2010-12 /Withdrawn
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN 740/A1 (2004-01)

Relación con otras normas DIN:

Reemplaza a: DIN EN 740/A1:2003-07

Modifica a: DIN EN 740:1999-02

This amendment includes the following addition to the instructions for use: Where applicable, the manufacturer shall disclose the supply pressure(s) at which the anaesthetic workstation ceases to function and give a warning that a malfunctioning of the central gas supply system can cause more than one or even all anaesthetic workstations connected to it to stop their operation simultaneously.
Diese Änderung beinhaltet folgende Ergänzung zur Gebrauchsanweisung: Der Hersteller muss, sofern zutreffend, den Versorgungsdruck/die Versorgungsdrücke angeben, bei dem/denen der Anästhesie-Arbeitsplatz seine Funktion einstellt, und außerdem einen Warnhinweis geben, dass eine Funktionsstörung des zentralen Gasversorgungssystems dazu führen kann, dass ein oder mehrere an das zentrale Gasversorgungssystem angeschlossene Anästhesie-Arbeitsplätze gleichzeitig ihren Betrieb einstellen können.
Absorbers, Alarm, Alarm signals, Anaesthesiology, Anaesthetic apparatus, Anaesthetic equipment, Assemblies, Assembling, Attachment, Bags, Biocompatibility, Bodies, Calibration, Carbon dioxide, Chargings, Check lists, Checking equipment, Clamps, Cleaning, Colour codes, Combustibility, Compatibility, Components, Concentration, Conductivity, Connections, Continuous current, Corners, Covers, Determinations, Dielectric strength, Discharge, Disinfection, Distant transmission, Earth conductors, Earthing conductor terminations, Edge, Electric power systems, Electrical equipment, Electrical hazards, Electrical safety, Electricity, Electromagnetic compatibility, Electrostatics, EMC, Emergency, Enclosures, Energy, Entrances, Environmental conditions, Environmental testing, Exits, Explosion hazard, Failure, Feed, Filters, Fire prevention, Fire risks, Flexible pipes, Flows, Gas circuits, Gases, Gullies, Handling, Hazards, Health and safety requirements, Heat exchangers, Human errors, Hydraulics, Ignition, Indications, Information, Input current, Instructions for use, Instruments, Layout, Leakage, Limitations, Liquids, Marking, Mass, Measuring equipment, Mechanical hazards, Medical equipment, Medical gases, Medical sciences, Medical technology, Microbes, Modules, Moisture, Noise, Occupational safety, Operating conditions, Operating stations, Outlets, Overflows, Oxygen, Packages, Paper, Part of a device, Patient auxiliary current, Pneumatics, Potential equalization, Power consumption, Precision, Pressure, Pressure reading, Pressure regulators, Pressure vessels, Protection, Protection against electric shocks, Protection coverings, Protective devices, Radiation, Radiation protection, Reflux, Resistors, Respiration, Respiratory system, Respiratory tracts, Safety, Safety requirements, Separation, Sequence of operations, Signals, Signs, Sound, Sound energy, Spark, Specification (approval), Stability, Sterilization (hygiene), Strength of materials, Stress, Suction equipment, Surfaces, Surveillance (approval), System earthing, Temperature, Tensile force, Testing, Thermal hazards, Ultrasonics, Use, Valves, Vapours, Vibrations, Volume, Waste disposal, Working data, Working places
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