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DIN ISO 16649-1:2020-07

DIN ISO 16649-1:2020-07

Microbiology of the food chain - Horizontal method for the enumeration of beta-glucuronidase-positive Escherichia coli - Part 1: Colony-count technique at 44 °C using membranes and 5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl beta-D-glucuronide (ISO 16649-1:2018)

Microbiologie de la chaîne alimentaire - Méthode horizontale pour le dénombrement des Escherichia coli bêta-glucuronidase positive - Partie 1: Technique de comptage des colonies à 44 °C au moyen de membranes et de 5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl bêta-D glucuronide (ISO 16649-1:2018)

Mikrobiologie der Lebensmittelkette - Horizontales Verfahren für die Zählung von beta-Glucuronidase-positiven Escherichia coli - Teil 1: Koloniezählverfahren bei 44 °C mit Membranen und 5-Brom-4-Chlor-3-Indol-beta-D-Glucuronid (ISO 16649-1:2018)

2020-07 /Active
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ISO 16649-1 (2018-04)

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This document specifies a horizontal method for the enumeration of beta-glucuronidase-positive Escherichia coli. It uses a colony-count technique after resuscitation using membranes and incubation at 44°C on a solid medium containing a chromogenic ingredient for the detection of the enzyme ß-glucuronidase. It is applicable to - products intended for human consumption; - products intendedfor feeding animals; - environmental samples in the area of food production and food handling; - samples from the primary production stage such as animal faeces, dust, and swabs.
Animal feed, Biochemical methods of analysis, Coli bacteria, Colony count techniques, Definitions, Efficiency, Escherichia coli, Food inspection, Food products, Horizontal, Investigations, Membranes, Microbiological analysis, Microbiology, Micro-organisms, Microorganisms, Samples, Sampling methods, Specimen preparation, Testing, Verification
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