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DIN CEN ISO/TS 19139-1:2020-01;DIN SPEC 18210:2020-01

DIN CEN ISO/TS 19139-1:2020-01;DIN SPEC 18210:2020-01

Geographic information - XML schema implementation - Part 1: Encoding rules (ISO/TS 19139-1:2019); English version CEN ISO/TS 19139-1:2019

Information géographique - Implémentation de schémas XML - Partie 1: Règles de codage (ISO/TS 19139-1:2019); Version anglaise CEN ISO/TS 19139-1:2019

Geoinformation - XML-Schema-Implementierung - Teil 1: Kodierungsregeln (ISO/TS 19139-1:2019); Englische Fassung CEN ISO/TS 19139-1:2019

2020-01 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

CEN ISO/TS 19139-1 (2019-03)

ISO/TS 19139-1 (2019-03)

Since DIN EN ISO 19115 does not provide any encoding, the actual implementation of geographic information metadata could vary based on the interpretation of metadata producers. In an attempt to facilitate the standardization of implementations, this comprehensive metadata implementation specification provides a definitive, rule-based encoding for applying DIN EN ISO 19115. It provides Extensible Markup Language (XML) schemas that are meant to enhance interoperability by providing a common specification for describing, validating and exchanging metadata about geographic datasets, dataset series, individual geographic features, feature attributes, feature types or feature properties.
Communication, Communication systems, Communication technology, Data, Data description, Data exchange, Data management, Data processing, Data processing system, Data records, Data representation, Data transfer, Definitions, Descriptions, Earth's surface, Encoding, Extensible Markup Language, Geodesy, Geographic information, Geographical, Geography, Geology, Geomatics, Geotechnics, Information, Information processing, Information technology, Markup language, Metadata, Metafile, Schemes, Specification (approval), Topology, Unified Modeling Language
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