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DIN EN 746-2:2020-03

DIN EN 746-2:2020-03

Industrial thermoprocessing equipment - Part 2: Safety requirements for combustion and fuel handling systems; German and English version prEN 746-2:2020 / Note: Date of issue 2020-01-31*Intended as replacement for DIN EN 746-2 (2011-02).

Equipements thermiques industriels - Partie 2: Prescriptions de sécurité concernant la combustion et la manutention des combustibles; Version allemande et anglaise prEN 746-2:2020 / Attention: Date de parution 2020-01-31*Prévu pour remplacer DIN EN 746-2 (2011-02).

Industrielle Thermoprozessanlagen und dazugehörige Prozesskomponenten - Sicherheitsanforderungen - Teil 2: Feuerungen und Brennstoffführungssysteme (ohne Feststoffe); Deutsche und Englische Fassung prEN 746-2:2020 / Achtung: Erscheinungsdatum 2020-01-31*Vorgesehen als Ersatz für DIN EN 746-2 (2011-02).

2020-03 /Active
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prEN 746-2 (2020-02)

EN 746-2 as part of EN 746 series specifies the safety requirements for combustion and fuel handling systems (Gas and Oil) that are part of industrial furnaces and associated processing equipment (TPE). The general safety requirements common to TPE are provided in EN 746-1. It can be used for fuel handling systems in the immediate surrounding of the plant, starting in the direction of flow with the manually operated main fuel shut-off valve of the plant. EN 746-2 deals with significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to combustion and fuel handling systems, when used as intended and under the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer.
Atomization, Burners, CE marking, Combustion chambers, Commissioning, Control, Control devices, Control systems, Cutoff, Distributing systems, Electrical equipment, Electrical hazards, Electrical safety, Electronic, Energy supply, Energy supply systems (buildings), Fans, Filters, Flame monitoring, Flow-controls, Fuel supply, Fuels, Furnaces, Gas distribution, Gas pressure, Gaseous, Hazards, Hearths, Heat treatment, Ignition, Ignition systems, Industrial, Industrial facilities, Industrial process measurement, Information, Liquids, Maintenance, Malfunction, Marking, Measuring instruments, Mechanical hazards, Occupational safety, Operating instructions, Plant, Pressure guards, Pressure regulators, Pressure rise, Protection devices, Protective devices, Protective measures, Safety, Safety design, Safety devices, Safety measures, Safety requirements, Safety times, Shut-off devices, Sieving equipment, Specification (approval), Start, Starting, Temperature, Thermoprocessing equipment, User information, Valves, Workplace safety
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