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DIN EN ISO 3691-1:2020-11

DIN EN ISO 3691-1:2020-11

Industrial trucks - Safety requirements and verification - Part 1: Self-propelled industrial trucks, other than driverless trucks, variable-reach trucks and burden-carrier trucks (ISO 3691-1:2011 including Cor 1:2013 + AMD.1:2020); German version EN ISO 3691-1:2015 + AC:2016 + A1:2020

Chariots de manutention - Exigences de sécurité et vérification - Partie 1 : Chariots de manutention automoteurs, autres que les chariots sans conducteurs, les chariots à portée variable et les chariots transporteurs de charges (ISO 3691-1:2011 y compris Cor 1:2013 + AMD.1:2020); Version allemande EN ISO 3691-1:2015 + AC:2016 + A1:2020

Flurförderzeuge - Sicherheitstechnische Anforderungen und Verifizierung - Teil 1: Motorkraftbetriebene Flurförderzeuge mit Ausnahme von fahrerlosen Flurförderzeugen, Staplern mit veränderlicher Reichweite und Lastentransportfahrzeugen (ISO 3691-1:2011 einschließlich Cor 1:2013 + AMD.1:2020); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 3691-1:2015 + AC:2016 + A1:2020

2020-11 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN ISO 3691-1 (2015-07)

EN ISO 3691-1/AC (2016-06)

EN ISO 3691-1/A1 (2020-05)

ISO 3691-1 AMD 1 (2020-02)

ISO 3691-1 Technical Corrigendum 1 (2013-08)

ISO 3691-1 (2011-09)

Relación con otras normas DIN:
This standrad gives safety requirements and the means for their verification for the following types of self-propelled industrial trucks, e. g. industrial counterbalanced trucks, reach trucks with retractable mast or retractable fork arm carriage, straddle trucks, pallet-stacking trucks, high-lift platform trucks, trucks with elevating operator position up to 1200 mm, as defined in ISO 5053-1.
Abrasion, Accident prevention, Anatomical configurations, Breathing, CE marking, Combustion, Communication, Components, Contact, Cutting, Definitions, Dimensions, Drawing-in, Driver-controlled fork truck, Electrical engineering, Electrical hazards, Electrical safety, Electrostatics, Elevating trucks, Entanglement hazards, Environment, Equipment safety, Erecting (construction operation), Ergonomics, Explosion hazard, Fire hazards, Fork carriers, Fork trucks, Friction, Hazards, Hearing (auditory perception), Human errors, Impact, Industrial tractors, Industrial truck, Industrial trucks, Inspection, Lift trucks, Lifting equipment, Lifting tackle, Lighting systems, Lightning, Load capacity, Machines, Marking, Materials handling equipment, Mechanical crimping, Mechanical engineering, Motors, Mounted implements, Noise (environmental), Occupational safety, Operating elements, Operating instructions, Operational instructions, Operator places, Power drives, Powered industrial trucks, Protection against danger, Protection against electric shocks, Protection devices, Radiation, Removable, Roofs, Safety, Safety devices, Safety engineering, Safety markings, Safety measures, Safety of machinery, Safety of products, Safety requirements, Shearing, Specification (approval), Stability, Stabs, Stacking machines, Stacking vehicle, Start, Tensile force, Testing, Thermics, Tolerances (measurement), Tractors, User information, Vehicle components, Vibration, Workplace safety
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