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DIN EN 17175:2020-04

DIN EN 17175:2020-04

Gas-fired overhead radiant strip heaters and multi-burner continuous radiant tube heater systems for non-domestic use - Safety and energy efficiency; German version EN 17175:2019 / Note: This standard is part of the DVGW body of rules.

Bandes radiantes et systèmes à tubes radiants continus à brûleurs multiples suspendus à usage non domestique utilisant les combustibles gazeux - Sécurité et efficacité énergétique; Version allemande EN 17175:2019 / Attention: Cette norme fait partie du corpus de règles DVGW.

Gasbefeuerte Dunkelstrahler-Wärmebänder und kontinuierliche Mehr-Brenner-Dunkelstrahlersysteme für gewerbliche und industrielle Anwendungen - Sicherheit und Energieeffizienz; Deutsche Fassung EN 17175:2019 / Achtung: Diese Norm ist Bestandteil des DVGW Regelwerks.

2020-04 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN 17175 (2019-10)

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This European Standard specifies the requirements and test methods for the construction, safety, classification, energy efficiency and marking of non-domestic gas-fired overhead radiant strips and continuous radiant tube heater systems. For radiant strip heaters incorporating a single burner, this standard is applicable to Type B22, B23, B52, B53, C12, C13, C32, C33 C52 and C53 appliances intended for use in other than domestic dwellings, in which the supply of combustion air and/or the evacuation of the products of combustion is achieved by mechanical means.For multi-burner continuous radiant tube heater systems this standard is applicable to type B22, B52, and C52 appliances intended for use in other than domestic dwellings, in which the supply of combustion air and/or the evacuation of the products of combustion is achieved by mechanical means. This standard also includes appliances incorporating a secondary heat exchanger in the flue system.This standard is not applicable to:a) systems designed for use in domestic dwelling;b) outdoor systems;c) radiant strip heaters where the heat input is in excess of 300 KW (NCV)d) continuous systems where the heat input of any individual burner unit is in excess of 70 kW (NCV); e) systems having combustion products evacuation ducts that are non-metallic in the flue system - except ducts downstream of a possible additional condensing exhaust gas heat exchanger.f) systems that are designed for continuous condensation within the flue system under normal operating conditions - except downstream a possible additional exhaust gas heat exchanger.This standard is applicable to systems which are intended to be type tested. It also includes requirements concerning the evaluation of conformity, including factory production control, but these requirements only apply to POCEDs and their associated terminals. NOTE Requirements for systems which are not intended to be type tested would need to be subject to further consideration.
Air-blast burners, Applications, Automatic, Burners, CE marking, Classification, Commercial, Construction requirements, Correcting units, Definitions, Effects, Efficiency, Emission, Energy consumption, Energy economics, Equipment safety, Fans, Fitness for purpose, Flue gas outlets, Gas heaters, Gas infra-red radiator, Gas technology, Gas-powered devices, Heaters, Ignition devices, Industrial, Industries, Infrared lamps, Inspection, Installation instructions, Instructions for use, Marking, Operating conditions, Operational instructions, Operational safety, Overhead radiant tube heaters, Radiant heat, Radiant heaters, Radiation, Radiation sources, Radiators, Safety, Safety devices, Safety engineering, Safety provisions, Safety requirements, Specification (approval), Symbols, Testing, Thermal environment systems, Trade, Types, Use, Utilization of energy
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