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DIN EN 15634-2:2019-12

DIN EN 15634-2:2019-12

Foodstuffs - Detection of food allergens by molecular biological methods - Part 2: Celery (Apium graveolens) - Detection of a specific DNA sequence in cooked sausages by real-time PCR; German version EN 15634-2:2019

Produits alimentaires - Détection des allergènes alimentaires par des méthodes d'analyse de biologie moléculaire - Partie 2: Célerie (Apium graveolens) - Détection d'une séquence d'ADN spécifique dans des saucisses cuites par PCR en temps réel; Version allemande EN 15634-2:2019

Lebensmittel - Nachweis von Lebensmittelallergenen mit molekularbiologischen Verfahren - Teil 2: Sellerie (Apium graveolens) - Nachweis einer spezifischen DNA-Sequenz in Brühwürsten mittels Real-time-PCR; Deutsche Fassung EN 15634-2:2019

2019-12 /Active
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BVL L 08.00-56 (2020-02)

EN 15634-2 (2019-10)

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Reemplaza a: DIN EN 15634-2:2018-05

This document specifies a method for the detection of celery (Apium graveolens) in emulsion-type sausages (e. g. Frankfurter, Wiener). Real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) detection of celery is based on an 101 bp (base pair) sequence from the gene of the mannitol dehydrogenase (GenBank Acc. No. AF0670821) of celery (Apium graveolens). The method has been validated on emulsion-type sausages (Bavarian "Leberkäse") spiked with celery. For this purpose meat batter containing mass fractions of 50 % pork meat, 25 % pork fat, 23 % crushed ice and 1,8 % of a mixture of sodium chloride, nitrite, nitrate, phosphates and ascorbates was prepared according to a standard procedure for emulsion-type sausage. The meat batter was spiked with either ground celery seeds or celery root powder to 1000 mg/kg. Lower spiking levels were obtained by diluting with celery-free meat batter. The batter was stuffed into casings and heated at 65 °C for 60 min [1]. This document is intended to be used in addition to EN 15842 and EN 15634-1.
Allergenic, Allergies, Celery, Consumer protection, Determination procedures, DNA, Food products, Food testing, Hot sausage, Methods of analysis, Molecular biological methods, Molecular structure, PCR, Polymerase chain reaction, Sausages, Spices, Testing, Verification
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