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DIN ISO 11475:2019-04

DIN ISO 11475:2019-04

Paper and board - Determination of CIE whiteness, D65/10° (outdoor daylight) (ISO 11475:2017)

Papier et carton - Détermination du degré de blanc CIE, D65/10° (lumière du jour extérieure) (ISO 11475:2017)

Papier und Pappe - Bestimmung des CIE-Weißgrades, D65/10° Normalbeobachter (Außentageslicht) (ISO 11475:2017)

2019-04 /Active
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ISO 11475 (2017-05)

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Reemplaza a: DIN ISO 11475:2018-09

This document specifies the procedure to be used for determining the whiteness of papers and boards. The values obtained correspond to the visual appearance of white papers and boards with or without fluorescent whitening agents when they are viewed under the CIE D65 daylight standard illuminant. It is based on reflectance data obtained over the full visible spectral range (VIS) in contrast to the measurement of ISO brightness which is limited to the blue region of VIS. In addition, it specifies a method for adjustment of the UV content to correspond to the CIE D65 daylight illuminant, insofar as results obtained when fluorescent whitening agents are present are dependent upon the UV content of the radiation falling upon the sample. It is specific for white fluorescent paper samples where the emission due to the fluorescent whitening agent (FWA) occurs in the blue region of the visible spectrum. This method is not applicable to coloured papers containing fluorescent dyes. This document should be read in conjunction with ISO 2469.
Board (paper), Definitions, Determination, Natural lighting, Optical tests, Paper, Testing, White, Whiteness
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