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DIN EN ISO 13851:2019-11

DIN EN ISO 13851:2019-11

Safety of machinery - Two-hand control devices - Principles for design and selection (ISO 13851:2019); German version EN ISO 13851:2019

Sécurité des machines - Dispositifs de commande bimanuelle - Principes de conception et de choix (ISO 13851:2019); Version allemande EN ISO 13851:2019

Sicherheit von Maschinen - Zweihandschaltungen - Funktionelle Aspekte und Gestaltungsleitsätze (ISO 13851:2019); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 13851:2019

2019-11 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN ISO 13851 (2019-04)

ISO 13851 (2019-03)

Relación con otras normas DIN:

Reemplaza a: DIN EN ISO 13851:2018-01

Reemplaza a: DIN EN 574:2008-12

This European Standard specifies the safety requirements of a two-hand control device and the dependency of the output signal from the input signals and describes the main characteristics of two-hand control devices for the achievement of safety and sets out combinations of functional characteristics for three types. It does not apply to devices intended to be used as enabling devices, as hold-to-run devices or as special control devices. This European Standard provides requirements and guidance on the design and selection (based on a risk assessment) of two-hand control devices including their assessment, the prevention of defeat and the avoidance of faults. It also provides requirements and guidance for two-hand control devices containing a programmable electronic system. It applies to all two-hand control devices, independent of the energy used, including two-hand control devices which are or are not integral parts of a machine and two-hand control devices which consist of one or more than one separate element.
Acceptance specification, Acceptance tests, Accident prevention, Acoustics, Activities, Attachment, Bearings, Bodies, CE marking, Collars (clothing), Components, Control, Control devices, Definitions, Delivery conditions, Design, Elbows (anatomy), Electrical engineering, Electronic systems, Enclosures, Engines, Environment, Environmental effect, Estimation, Evaluations, Gas turbines, Hand control, Hips, Information, Inspection, Interlocks, Knees, Limits (mathematics), Machine guards, Machine tools, Machine vibration, Machines, Maintenance, Marking, Measurement, Measuring techniques, Mechanical engineering, Mechanical testing, Occupational safety, Operating conditions, Operating elements, Operating instructions, Operation, Partitions, Performance, Plain bearings, Product design, Rotary engines, Rotating, Rotation, Rotational speeds, Safety, Safety components, Safety design, Safety devices, Safety engineering, Safety function, Safety of machinery, Safety requirements, Selection, Shafts (rotating), Signals, Simultaneous, Simultaneous operation, Specification (approval), Stability, Stationary, Technical products, Testing, Turbines, Two-hand-controllers, Vibration, Vibration engineering, Vibration measurement, Vibration severity, Vibration tests, Visual inspection (testing)
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