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DIN EN 12353:2019-03

DIN EN 12353:2019-03

Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics - Preservation of test organisms used for the determination of bactericidal (including Legionella), mycobactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal and virucidal (including bacteriophages) activity; German and English version prEN 12353:2019 / Note: Date of issue 2019-02-01*Intended as replacement for DIN EN 12353 (2013-04).

Antiseptiques et désinfectants chimiques - Conservation des organismes test utilisés pour la détermination de l'activité bactéricide (Legionella inclus), mycobactéricide, sporicide, fongicide et virucide (bacteriophages inclus); Version allemande et anglaise prEN 12353:2019 / Attention: Date de parution 2019-02-01*Prévu pour remplacer DIN EN 12353 (2013-04).

Chemische Desinfektionsmittel und Antiseptika - Aufbewahrung von Prüforganismen für die Prüfung der bakteriziden (einschließlich Legionella), mykobakteriziden, sporiziden, fungiziden und viruziden (einschließlich Bakteriophagen) Wirkung; Deutsche und Englische Fassung prEN 12353:2019 / Achtung: Erscheinungsdatum 2019-02-01*Vorgesehen als Ersatz für DIN EN 12353 (2013-04).

2019-03 /Active
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prEN 12353 (2019-01)

This European Standard specifies methods for keeping test organisms used and defined in European Standards for the determination of bactericidal (incl. Legionella pneumophila), mycobactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal and virucidal (incl. bacteriophages) activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics drawn up by CEN/TC 216. These methods for keeping test organisms can only be carried out in connection with at least one of those standards where a reference to this European Standard is established.NOTE 1 Annex A (informative) contains a non-exhaustive list of test organisms for which this standard can be applied.NOTE 2 European Standards (EN and prEN) where this European Standard is referenced are listed in the Bibliography.NOTE 3 A specific part on the preservation of bacterial spores may be added once the results of the ongoing ring trials are available.
Antiseptics, Bacteria, Bacterial strains, Bacteriocides, Chemical, Chemical composition, Culture, Disinfectant tests, Disinfectants, Disinfection, Efficiency, Fungal strains, Fungicides, Fungus, Handling, Hygiene, Legionella, Medical sciences, Microbiology, Mould, Mould fungi, Mycobacteriaceae, Production, Products, Purity, Reagents, Spores, Storage, Strain cultures, Suspensions (chemical), Test organisms, Testing, Viruses
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