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DIN EN 9147:2018-11

DIN EN 9147:2018-11

Aerospace series - Management of unsalvageable Items; English version prEN 9147:2018 / Note: Date of issue 2018-10-05

Série aérospatiale - Gestion des éléments irrécupérables; Version anglaise prEN 9147:2018 / Attention: Date de parution 2018-10-05

Luft- und Raumfahrt - Management nichtverwendbarer Gegenstände; Englische Fassung prEN 9147:2018 / Achtung: Erscheinungsdatum 2018-10-05

2018-11 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

prEN 9147 (2018-09)

This standard is applicable to all items to be used for manufacturing, maintenance and repair of aviation, space, and defense products from the raw material to the final product, e. g.: structural items, constituent assemblies, standard parts, consumables with conformity and/or safety impact. This standard considers items dispositioned for scrap as per the relevant 9100/9110/9120 chapters for nonconformity management or as per organization decision, e. g.: obsolescence, warehouse management, missing traceability documentation. The requirements specified in this standard are complementary (not alternative) to contractual and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Should there be a conflict between the requirements of this standard and applicable statutory or regulatory requirements, the applicable statutory or regulatory requirements shall take precedence. This standard defines requirements and actions to be taken after the disposition decision to control the unsalvageable items.
Accessories, Aerospace transport, Air transport, Aircraft components, Analysis, Assemblies, Components, Defects, Definitions, Disposable, Inappropriate, Maintenance, Management, Management systems, Objects, Products, Quality, Quality assurance, Quality management, Rejection, Repairs, Space transport, Specification (approval), Supply items
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