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DIN EN 13141-8:2018-09

DIN EN 13141-8:2018-09

Ventilation for buildings - Performance testing of components/products for residential ventilation - Part 8: Performance testing of non-ducted mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation units (including heat recovery); German and English version prEN 13141-8:2018 / Note: Date of issue 2018-08-24

Ventilation des bâtiments - Essais de performance des composants/produits pour la ventilation des logements - Partie 8: Essais de performance des unités de ventilation double flux décentralisées (y compris la récupération de chaleur); Version allemande et anglaise prEN 13141-8:2018 / Attention: Date de parution 2018-08-24

Lüftung von Gebäuden - Leistungsprüfung von Bauteilen/Produkten für die Lüftung von Wohnungen - Teil 8: Leistungsprüfung von mechanischen Zuluft- und Ablufteinheiten ohne Luftführung (einschließlich Wärmerückgewinnung); Deutsche und Englische Fassung prEN 13141-8:2018 / Achtung: Erscheinungsdatum 2018-08-24

2018-09 /Active
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prEN 13141-8 (2018-09)

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Reemplazada por: DIN EN 13141-8:2021-02

This European Standard specifies the laboratory test methods and test requirements for the testing ofaerodynamic, thermal, acoustic and the electrical performance characteristics of non-ducted mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation units used in single dwellings. The purpose of this document is not to consider the quality of ventilation but to test the performance of the equipment. In general, a ventilation unit contains: - fans for mechanical supply and exhaust; - air filters; - air-to-air heat exchanger for heat and possibly humidity recovery; - control system; - inlet and outlet grilles. Such equipment can be provided in more than one assembly, the separate assemblies of which aredesigned to be used together. Such equipment can contain alternating heat exchangers which provide separate supply and exhaust airflows. In certain cases, i.e. alternating ventilation unit, the manufacturer may declare that the equipment can be installed in such a way that it serves more than one room. For the purpose of this document, these products are assessed in a single room. This document does not deal with ducted units or units with heat pumps. Safety requirements are given in EN 60335-2-40 and EN 60335-2-80. In comparison to EN 13141-8:2014, the title is modified to be more inadequacy with the content of the document but the scope is unchanged.
Acoustic properties and phenomena, Acoustics, Aerodynamic characteristics, Air conditioning installations, Air-conditioning systems, Building ventilation, Buildings, Components, Definitions, Density, Design, Heat engineering, Heat exchangers, Heat transfer, Leakages, Measuring instruments, Measuring techniques, Mechanical engineering, Modular units, Rating tests, Room air conditioning equipment, Service installations in buildings, Supply air, Testing, Thermal comfort, Thermal environment systems, Ventilation, Ventilators, Waste air installation, Waste heat recovery
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