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DIN EN ISO 16321-1:2018-08

DIN EN ISO 16321-1:2018-08

Eye and face protection for occupational use - Part 1: General requirements (ISO/DIS 16321-1:2018); German and English version prEN ISO 16321-1:2018 / Note: Date of issue 2018-06-29

Protection des yeux et du visage pour les loisirs - Partie 1: Exigences générales (ISO/DIS 16321-1:2018); Version allemande et anglaise prEN ISO 16321-1:2018 / Attention: Date de parution 2018-06-29

Augen- und Gesichtsschutz für betriebliche Anwendungen - Teil 1: Allgemeine Anforderungen (ISO/DIS 16321-1:2018); Deutsche und Englische Fassung prEN ISO 16321-1:2018 / Achtung: Erscheinungsdatum 2018-06-29

2018-08 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

ISO/DIS 16321-1 (2018-05)

prEN ISO 16321-1 (2018-05)

This document specifies general requirements for eye and face protectors. These proetctors are intended to provide protection for the eyes and faces of persons against common occupational hazards such as impacts from flying particles and fragments,optical radiation, dusts, splashing materials, molten metals, heat, flame, hot solids, harmful gases, vapours and aerosols. Additional requirements for eye and face protectors used during welding and related techniques and for mesh protectors are given in ISO 16321-2 and ISO 16321-3.This document applies to all afocal (plano) and prescription lens protectors and components. This document also applies to those products of eye and face protection used for occupational-type tasks but not performed as part of an occupation, e. g. "do-it-yourself". This document does not apply to: - protectors specifically intended for proetction against sunlight for which ISO 12312 series applies; - protectors for medically prescribed applications (not occupational); e. g. eye protection for severe dry eye, tints prescribed for medical conditions; - protectors intended to control exposure of the eyes of patients during diagnosis or treatment (e. g.ISO/DTR 22463); - protectors for use during medical or aesthetic applications, e. g. intense light sources (ILS) for which ISO 12609 series applies; - protectors specifically intended for sports for which ISO 18527 series applies; - laser protectors, for which ISO 19818 applies; - face protectors intended for live-working to protect against short-circuit electric arcs for which IEC 62819 applies; - protectors intended to protect against ionizing radiation, e. g. X-rays, for which IEC 61331-3 applies.
Accident prevention, Eye protector, Eye protectors, Eye-protective equipment, Eyes, Face (anatomy), Face shields, Field of vision, Filters (eye protectors), Filters (optical), Goggles (safety), Hazards, Impact resistance, Information supplied by the manufacturer, Infrared radiation, Lenses, Marking, Mechanical properties, Occupational safety, Optical properties, Personal safety, Physical properties, Protective clothing, Protective equipment, Resistance, Safety, Safety devices, Specification (approval), Transmittance, Ultraviolet radiation, Workplace safety
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