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DIN EN ISO 22510:2018-06

DIN EN ISO 22510:2018-06

Open data communication in building automation, controls and building management - Home and building electronic systems - KNXnet/IP communication (ISO/DIS 22510:2018); German and English version prEN ISO 22510:2018, only on CD-ROM / Note: Date of issue 2018-05-18*CD-ROM*Intended as replacement for DIN EN 13321-2 (2013-03).

Réseau ouvert de communication de données pour l'automatisation, la régulation et la gestion technique du bâtiment - Systèmes électroniques pour les foyers domestiques et les bâtiments - Communication KNXnet/IP (ISO/DIS 22510:2018); Version allemande et anglaise prEN ISO 22510:2018, seulement en CD-ROM / Attention: Date de parution 2018-05-18*CD-ROM*Prévu pour remplacer DIN EN 13321-2 (2013-03).

Offene Datenkommunikation für die Gebäudeautomation und Gebäudemanagement - Elektrische Systemtechnik für Heim und Gebäude - KNXnet/IP-Kommunikation (ISO/DIS 22510:2018); Deutsche und Englische Fassung prEN ISO 22510:2018, nur auf CD-ROM / Achtung: Erscheinungsdatum 2018-05-18*CD-ROM*Vorgesehen als Ersatz für DIN EN 13321-2 (2013-03).

2018-06 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

ISO/DIS 22510 (2018-04)

prEN ISO 22510 (2018-04)

This European Standard defines the integration of KNX protocol implementations on top of Internet Protocol (IP) networks, called KNXnet/IP. It describes a standard protocol for KNX devices connected to an IP network, called KNXnet/IP devices. The IP network acts as a fast (compared to KNX transmission speed) backbone in KNX installations. Widespread deployment of data networks using the Internet Protocol (IP) presents an opportunity to expand building control communication beyond the local KNX control bus, providing: - remote configuration; - remote operation (including control and annunciation); - fast interface from LAN to KNX and vice versa; - WAN connection between KNX systems (where an installed KNX system is at least one line). A KNXnet/IP system contains at least these elements: - one EIB line with up to 64(255) EIB devices; - ORone KNX segment (KNX-TP1, KNX-TP0, KNX-RF, KNX-PL110, KNX-PL132); - a KNX-to-IP network connection device (called KNXnet/IP server); and - typically additional software for remote functions residing on e. g. a workstation (may be data base application, BACnet Building Management System, browser, etc.).
Air conditioning, Automatic control systems, Automation, Automation installations in buildings, Automation systems, Building automations, Building management, Building services, Buildings, Circuit networks, Communication systems (buildings), Communication technology, Construction, Control devices, Control engineering, Control systems, Control technology, Cross-linked, Data bus, Data communication, Data exchange, Data network, Data processing, Data transfer, Definitions, EIBnet, Electrical engineering, EVT, Field bus, Heating technics, Information exchange, Integration, Internet, Internet Protocol, IP, KNXnet, Metrology, Network, Network interconnection, Operational techniques, Planning, Process measuring and control technology, PROFIBUS, Protocols, Remote control, Server, Service installations, Specification (approval), System engineering, Thermal environment systems, Transmission protocol, Utility equipment, Ventilation
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