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DIN EN 16129:2018-08

DIN EN 16129:2018-08

Pressure regulators, automatic change-over devices, having a maximum regulated pressure of 4 bar, with a maximum capacity of 150 kg/h, associated safety devices and adaptors for butane, propane, and their mixtures; German and English version prEN 16129:2018 / Note: Date of issue 2018-07-06*Intended as replacement for DIN EN 16129 (2013-08).

Détendeurs, inverseurs automatiques, ayant une pression maximum de détente de 4 bar, avec une capacité maximale de 150 kg/h, dispositifs de sécurité associés et adaptateurs pour butane, propane et leurs mélanges; Version allemande et anglaise prEN 16129:2018 / Attention: Date de parution 2018-07-06*Prévu pour remplacer DIN EN 16129 (2013-08).

Druckregelgeräte, automatische Umschaltanlagen mit einem höchsten Ausgangsdruck bis einschließlich 4 bar und einem maximalen Durchfluss von 150 kg/h sowie die dazugehörigen Sicherheitseinrichtungen und Übergangsstücke für Butan, Propan und deren Gemische; Deutsche und Englische Fassung prEN 16129:2018 / Achtung: Erscheinungsdatum 2018-07-06*Vorgesehen als Ersatz für DIN EN 16129 (2013-08).

2018-08 /Active
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prEN 16129 (2018-08)

This European Standard defines the constructional and operational characteristics, the safety requirements, test methods and the marking of regulators and automatic change-over devices having a maximum regulated pressure of 4 bar, with a maximum capacity of 150 kg/h, for use with butane, propane and their mixtures in the vapour phase. This European Standard also applies to the safety devices which are included within regulating devices covered by this standard. The characteristics of these safety devices are given in Annexes A and B. This European Standard also includes the requirements for: - adaptors for connecting to self closing valves; - auxiliary safety devices. For the purpose of this European Standard: - regulators and automatic change-over devices are referred to as "regulating devices"; - regulators, automatic change-over devices and adaptors are referred to as "devices". The requirements apply to devices used in locations where the temperature likely to be reached during use is between -20 °C and +50 °C. Additional requirements for devices to be used at temperatures below -20 °C are given in Annex C. Additional requirements for regulating devices intended to be used in caravans, motor caravans and freshwater boats are given in Annex D. Additional requirements for regulating devices intended to be used in seawater boats are given in Annex M. For specific use in caravans motor caravans and boats (freshwater and seawater), the automatic change over device function may also be carried out by an assembly of regulators, forming an "automatic change over device system" as defined in 3.1.9. For installation rules of devices and their possible associated safety devices, reference should be made to national regulations in force in the member countries. All connections and the countries in which they are used are given in Annexes G and H. This European Standard defines only specific connections which are not defined in other standards (e. g. EN 15202 for cylinder valve connections).
Automatic control systems, Boats, Butane, Caravanettes, Caravans, Corrosion resistance, Definitions, Gas fittings, Gas mixtures, Gases, Liquefied petroleum gas, Liquefied petroleum gas installations, Marking, Operating properties, Operational instructions, Packages, Pressure regulators, Propane, Safety devices, Safety requirements, Specification (approval), Strength of materials, Supply pressure, Temperature limit, Testing, Thermal stress, Tightness
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