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DIN EN 60061-2/A54:2018-01

DIN EN 60061-2/A54:2018-01

Lamp caps and holders together with gauges for the control of interchangeability and safety - Part 2: Lampholders (IEC 34B/1927/CDV:2017 + IEC 34B/1928/CDV:2017); German version EN 60061-2:1993/prA54:2017 + EN 60061-2:1993/prA54:2017 {FRAG 76} / Note: Date of issue 2017-12-22

Culots de lampes et douilles ainsi que calibres pour le contrôle de l'interchangeabilité et de la sécurité - Partie 2: Douilles (IEC 34B/1927/CDV:2017 + IEC 34B/1928/CDV:2017); Version allemande EN 60061-2:1993/prA54:2017 + EN 60061-2:1993/prA54:2017 {FRAG 76} / Attention: Date de parution 2017-12-22

Lampensockel und -fassungen sowie Lehren zur Kontrolle der Austauschbarkeit und Sicherheit - Teil 2: Lampenfassungen (IEC 34B/1927/CDV:2017 + IEC 34B/1928/CDV:2017); Deutsche Fassung EN 60061-2:1993/prA54:2017 + EN 60061-2:1993/prA54:2017 {FRAG 76} / Achtung: Erscheinungsdatum 2017-12-22

Fecha Anulación:
2019-06 /Withdrawn
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN 60061-2/prA54 (fragment 76) (2017-10)

EN 60061-2/prA54 (2017-10)

IEC 34B/1927/CDV (2017-10)

IEC 34B/1928/CDV (2017-10)

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Reemplazada por: DIN EN 60061-2:2019-06

This draft contains Amendment 54 to IEC 60061-2, which covers the following standard sheets and systems: 7005-185 for System PGJ18.5d/t and 7005-185 for system GH 36d.
Dieser Norm-Entwurf enthält die 54. Änderung zu IEC 60061-2, die das folgende Datenblatt bzw. System betrifft: 7005-185 zu System PGJ18.5d/t und 7005-186 zu System GH36d.
Applications, Automobiles, Bayonet lamp caps, Blank forms, Candle lamps, Candle shape, Cap gauges, Cap sleeves, Capacitive loads, CE marking, Checks, Clamps, Classification, Clearances, Cones, Connections, Connectors, Contact, Contact piece, Contact pins, Coordination, Current flow, Current supply, Design, Designation systems, Designations, Detail specification, Dielectric strength, Dimensioning, Dimensions, Earthing conductor terminations, Edison screw threads, Electric contact protection, Electric contacts, Electric lamps, Electrical components, Electrical engineering, Electrical resistance, Electrical safety, Electronic equipment and components, Film resistors, Fire resistance, Fits, Fittings, Fixed film resistors, Fixed resistors, Fluorescent lamps, Force measurement, Gauges, General lighting service lamps, Go-gauges, Guide books, Holding devices, IEC cap gauges, IEC gauges, IEC holder gauges, IEC lamp caps, IEC lampholders, Illuminating engineering, Illumination engineering, Incandescent lamps, Information, Insertion force, Inspection, Insulating resistance, Insulations, Insulator bodies, Interchangeability, International, Lamp caps, Lampholder gauges, Lampholders, Lamps, Leakage paths, Lighting plants, Lighting systems, Limit deviations, Loose-leaf manuals, Low power methods, Luminaires, Marking, Measuring instruments, Mechanical properties, Metal films, Minimum retention force, Mining, Moisture resistance, Motor vehicles, Motor-car lamps, Non-wirewound resistors, Not-go gauges, Order indications, Packages, P-caps, Pin lamp caps, Protection against electric shocks, Qualification tests, Quality assessment procedures, Quality assessment systems, Rating, Ratings, Recording, Replaceability, Resistors, Retention force, Right-hand screw threads, Road vehicles, Routine tests, Safety, Safety engineering, Screw lamp caps, Service voltage, Sheathings, Small lamps, Sockets, Specification (approval), Stability, Strength of materials, Symbols, Technical data sheets, Tension crack corrosion, Testing, Testing requirements, Thermal stability, Threads, Tolerances (measurement), Tracking index, Tracking resistance, Tubular lamps, Tungsten-halogen lamps, Use, Vehicle lights, Withdrawal force
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