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DIN ISO 7919-3:2018-01

DIN ISO 7919-3:2018-01

Mechanical vibration - Evaluation of machine vibration by measurements on rotating shafts - Part 3: Coupled industrial machines (ISO 7919-3:2009 + Amd.1:2017)

Vibrations mécaniques - Évaluation des vibrations des machines par mesurages sur les arbres tournants - Partie 3: Machines industrielles couplées (ISO 7919-3:2009 + Amd.1:2017)

Mechanische Schwingungen - Bewertung der Schwingungen von Maschinen durch Messungen an rotierenden Wellen - Teil 3: Gekuppelte industrielle Maschinen (ISO 7919-3:2009 + Amd.1:2017)

2018-01 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

ISO 7919-3 AMD 1 (2017-07)

ISO 7919-3 (2009-02)

Relación con otras normas DIN:
This standard provides specific guidance for assessing the severity of radial vibration measured on the shafts of coupled industrial machines with fluid-film bearings in situ. It applies to coupled industrial machines with fluid-film bearings, having maximum continuous rated speeds in the range 1000 r/min to 30000 r/min and not being limited by size and power (with certain restrictions), comprising - steam turbines and generators with outputs less than or equal to 40 MW; - steam turbines and generators with outputs greater than 40 MW and speeds other than 1500 r/min, 1800 r/min, 3000 r/min or 3600 r/min (although generators seldom fall into this category); - rotary compressors; - industrial gas turbines with outputs less than or equal to 3 MW; - turbofans; - electric drives and associated gears, where relevant; - rotodynamic pumps (turbo pumps). Two criteria are provided for assessing the machine vibration when operating under steady state conditions. One criterion considers the magnitude of the observed vibration; the second considers changes in the magnitude. In addition, different criteria are provided for transient operating conditions, such as run-up and coast-down. The evaluation procedures presented in this part of ISO 7919 are based on broad-band measurements. The following are excluded from this part of ISO 7919: - steam turbines and/or generators with outputs greater than 40 MW and speeds of 1500 r/min, 1800 r/min, 3000 r/min or 3600 r/min (see ISO 20816-2); - gas turbine sets with outputs greater than 3 MW (see ISO 7919-4 and ISO 20816-2); - machine sets in hydraulic power generating and pump-storage plants (see ISO 20816-5); - rotodynamic pumps including integrated electric motors, i.e. where the impeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft or is rigidly attached to it (see ISO 10816-7); - submerged motor-pumps; - reciprocating pumps; - rotary positive displacement compressors (e. g. screw compressors); - reciprocating compressors; - wind turbines.
Acoustics, Coupled, Coupling, Estimation, Evaluations, Generating sets, Industrial, Industrial machines, Machines, Measurement, Measuring techniques, Rotary engines, Rotating machines, Shafts (rotating), Steam turbines, Steam turbo sets, Testing, Turbine sets, Vibration, Vibration engineering, Vibration measurement, Vibration tests
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