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DIN EN ISO 15384:2020-10

DIN EN ISO 15384:2020-10

Protective clothing for firefighters - Laboratory test methods and performance requirements for wildland firefighting clothing (ISO 15384:2018); German version EN ISO 15384:2020 / Note: To be amended by DIN EN ISO 15384/A1 (2021-02) (in preparation).

Habillement de protection pour sapeurs-pompiers - Méthodes d'essai en laboratoire et exigences de performance pour vêtements portés pendant la lutte contre les feux d'espaces naturels (ISO 15384:2018); Version allemande EN ISO 15384:2020 / Attention: Amendement prévu par DIN EN ISO 15384/A1 (2021-02) (en préparation).

Schutzkleidung für die Feuerwehr - Laborprüfverfahren und Leistungsanforderungen für Schutzkleidung für die Brandbekämpfung im freien Gelände (ISO 15384:2018); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 15384:2020 / Achtung: Vorgesehene Änderung durch DIN EN ISO 15384/A1 (2021-02) (in Vorbereitung).

2020-10 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN ISO 15384 (2020-04)

ISO 15384 (2018-07)

Relación con otras normas DIN:
This document specifies methods of test and minimum performance requirements for personal protective clothing, designed to protect the wearer¿s body, except for the head, hands, and feet, that is worn during wildland firefighting and associated activities. This clothing is not intended to provide protection during fire entrapment. This document covers the general design of the garment, the minimum level of performance for the materials employed and the methods of test to determine these levels. This document is not applicable to clothing for use in situations encountered in structural firefighting (EN 469 or ISO 11999-3), rescue (ISO 18639) or where a high level of infrared radiation is expected (ISO 15538 or EN 1486), nor does this document cover clothing to protect against chemical, biological, electrical or radiation hazards. This document does not provide protection against high mechanical risks such as for protection when using chain saws.
CE marking, Climate, Clothing, Dangerous work, Definitions, Design, External, Fire, Fire brigade, Fire brigade equipment, Fire hazards, Fire risks, Fire safety, Firefighting, Flameproofness, Front, Health impairment, Heat protective clothing, Labelling, Laboratory testing, Marking, Materials, Materials testing, Minimum requirements, Open air, Outdoor, Outer surfaces, Performance, Performance testing, Protective clothing, Protective equipment, Protective suits, Reflective, Reflexions, Retroreflecting, Safety requirements, Specification (approval), Strength of materials, Tear strength, Tensile strength, Testing, Thermal resistance, Thermal stability, Thermal transmittance, Trousers
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