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DIN EN ISO 10524-2:2019-08

DIN EN ISO 10524-2:2019-08

Pressure regulators for use with medical gases - Part 2: Manifold and line pressure regulators (ISO 10524-2:2018); German version EN ISO 10524-2:2019

Détendeurs pour l'utilisation avec les gaz médicaux - Partie 2: Détendeurs de rampes et de canalisations (ISO 10524-2:2018); Version allemande EN ISO 10524-2:2019

Druckminderer zur Verwendung mit medizinischen Gasen - Teil 2: Hauptstellendruckregler und Leitungsdruckminderer (ISO 10524-2:2018); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 10524-2:2019

2019-08 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN ISO 10524-2 (2019-01)

ISO 10524-2 (2018-01)

Relación con otras normas DIN:
This Standard specifies design, construction, type testing, and marking requirements for manifold pressure regulators and line pressure regulators intended for use in medical gas pipeline systems. This part of ISO 10524 applies to manifold pressure regulators and line pressure regulators supplied as individual units or to the relevant components incorporated within an assembly. Manifold pressure regulators are intended to be connected to a manifolded system which has a nominal operating pressure of up to 30000 kPa (300 bar). Line pressure regulators are intended to be connected downstream of the manifold pressure regulators with a supply pressure up to 3000 kPa (30 bar).
Air, Anaesthesiology, Anaesthetic equipment, Attachment, Breathing equipment, Carbon dioxide, CE marking, Cleaning, Colour codes, Compressed air, Compressed gases, Connections, Data of the manufacturer, Definitions, Density, Design, Diaphragms, Dimensions, Durability, Entrances, Environmental condition, Features, Filters, Flammability, Flow characteristics, Flow measurement installations, Flow measurements, Flow metering devices, Flowmeters, Flows, Gas cylinders, Gas mixtures, Gas pressure governors, Gas supply, Gases, Graphic symbols, Helium, Hospitals, Inflammation temperature, Information, Inscription, Jigs, Laughing gas, Leak tests, Leakages, Legibility, Line pressure, Loosening, Marking, Materials, Measuring instruments, Medical equipment, Medical gases, Methods, Nitrous oxide, Operating conditions, Oxygen, Packages, Performance, Piping system, Precision, Pressure, Pressure control, Pressure gauges, Pressure regulation installations, Pressure regulators, Pressure resistance, Properties, References, Rescue and ambulance services, Respiration, Safety, Safety requirements, Specification (approval), Strength of materials, Supply systems, Symbols, Terminology, Test gases, Testing, Torque, Use, Valves, Xenon
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