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DIN EN 17206:2018-01

DIN EN 17206:2018-01

Entertainment Technology - Lifting and Load-bearing Equipment for Stages and other Production Areas within the Entertainment Industry - Specifications for general requirements (excluding aluminum and steel trusses and towers); German and English version prEN 17206:2018 / Note: Date of issue 2017-12-15

/ Attention: Date de parution 2017-12-15

Veranstaltungstechnik - Hub- und Lastaufnahmeeinrichtungen für Bühnen und andere Produktionsbereiche in der Veranstaltungsindustrie - Festlegung von grundlegenden Anforderungen (mit Ausnahme von Aluminium- und Stahltraversen); Deutsche und Englische Fassung prEN 17206:2018 / Achtung: Erscheinungsdatum 2017-12-15

Fecha Anulación:
2020-09 /Withdrawn
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prEN 17206 (2018-01)

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Reemplazada por: DIN EN 17206:2020-09

This document shall apply to machinery and machinery installations used in places of assembly and in staging and production facilities for events and theatrical productions (stage machinery, for short). Such facilities include: theatres, multi-purpose halls, exhibition halls; film, television and radio studios; concert halls, schools, exhibition halls; bars, discotheques, open-air stages and other rooms for shows and events. The document applies to machinery and machine installations with guided or unguided load bearing and load carrying equipment. For the purposes of this document, machinery installations are all technical installations and equipment used for operations in stage and production facilities in the entertainment industry. Such installations are used to lift, lower, suspend and carry loads (e. g. scenery, traverse systems, or lighting, film/video and sound equipment). They may also be used to move persons, and persons may stand under such equipment while the loads are at rest or in motion. This machinery includes Controls, electrical and electronic control systems, electrical and electronic equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic power supplies. "Stages" include staging facilities and production areas in theatres, multipurpose halls, studios, production facilities for film, television or radio, concert halls, congress centres, schools, exhibition centres, trade-fair centres, museums, discotheques, amusement parks, sports facilities and open-air-theatres. "Events" are, for example, concerts, shows, congresses, exhibitions, presentations, demonstrations, film or television recordings, etc. This document considers lifting and any movement equipment for stages and production areas within the entertainment industry, and temporary installations using trusses or truss constructions which may include ground support systems or towers at events.Typical applications include but are not limited to the following: acoustic doors, auditorium elevators, compensating elevators, cycloramas, fire curtains; fly bar systems (manual, motor driven); lighting bars, movable lighting towers, movable stage platforms, movable proscenium arches, orchestra elevators, performer flying, point hoists, projection screens (manual or motor-driven), revolving stages and turntables, scenery storage elevators, side stage and rear stage shutters; stage elevators, stage wagons (stage trucks), tilt-able stage floors, trap elevators. The principles in the document also apply to machinery installations based on new technologies or specially designed installations which are not expressly mentioned here but which nevertheless operate in a similar manner or are meant for similar purposes to the equipment listed above.
Accident prevention, Assembly facilities, Chains, Computerized control, Concert halls, Contact safety devices, Control technology, Curtains, Dangerous spots, Definitions, Design, Discotheques, Drawing machines, Electric contact protection, Electric control equipment, Electric shock, Electrical equipment, Electrical safety, Energy supply systems (buildings), Engines, Entertainment technology, Equipment safety, Ergonomics, Event, Film studios, Film-making, Films, Hazards, Hoisting platforms, Hoists, Horizon, Infiltration into deeper layers, Lifting devices, Lifting equipment, Lifting tackle, Lighting systems, Load measurement, Load-containing devices, Marking, Multi-purpose halls, Occupational safety, Operating instructions, Orchestra podia, Passenger hoists, Platforms, Protection against electric shocks, Protective measures, Ropes, Safety, Safety devices, Safety engineering, Safety measures, Safety of products, Safety requirements, Scenery hoists, Sound broadcasting, Specification (approval), Stage equipment, Stage machinery, Stages, Steels, Studios, Supporting means, Television, Television studios, Testing, Theatre technics, Theatres, Theatrical equipment, Travelling platforms, User information, Winches
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