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DIN IEC/TS 62370:2017-09;DIN SPEC 35821:2017-09

DIN IEC/TS 62370:2017-09;DIN SPEC 35821:2017-09

Electroacoustics - Instruments for the measurement of sound intensity - Electromagnetic and electrostatic compatibility requirements and test procedures (IEC/TS 62370:2004 + Amd.1:2017)

Électroacoustique - Instruments pour la mesure de l'intensité acoustique - Exigences concernant les compatibilités électromagnétiques et électrostatiques et procédures d'essai (CEI/TS 62370:2004 + Amd.1:2017)

Elektroakustik - Schallintensitätsmessgeräte - Anforderungen und Prüfung der elektromagnetischen und elektrostatischen Verträglichkeit (IEC/TS 62370:2004 + Amd.1:2017)

2017-09 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

IEC/TS 62370 AMD 1 (2017-03)

IEC/TS 62370 (2004-05)

Relación con otras normas DIN:
This Technical Specification contains non-normative amendments to IEC 61043:1993. This Technical Specification specifies requirements to be met by instruments for the measurement of sound intensity using pairs of pressure microphones. The requirements concern the immunity to power and radio-frequency interferences, and to static discharges, as well as the emission of radio frequency fields. Furthermore, methods for testing compliance with the requirements are given. The requirements with respect to electromagnetic and electrostatic compatibility apply to sound intensity meters used in residences, in commercial premises, and in industrial estates. This Technical Specification contains additional specifications to IEC 61043:1993 but does not change any of the specifications made there. Compared to DIN IEC/TS 62370:2004-12 the following changes have been made: the Amendment IEC/TS 62370:2004/Amd.1:2017 has been included, mainly an alternative test method using transversal-electromagnetic (TEM-)waveguides has been added in 5.4.
Acoustic measurement, Acoustics, Acoustoelectric devices, Calibration, Characteristics, Definitions, Electrical engineering, Electroacoustics, Electromagnetic compatibility, Electrostatic, EMC, Interference rejections, Marking, Measurement, Measuring accuracy, Measuring instruments, Measuring probes, Microphones, Operating instructions, Precision, Sound intensity, Sound levels, Sound meters, Sound power, Testing
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